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New the R03 the nano particle product

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Thanks to a new R03 product that will allow your surf or your skis
To slide much faster on the snow
This product is also very effective in case of sticky snow
The application of R03 is very simple see the video below
This product deposits a micro layer on the surface of your surf or your ski
This micro layer very slippery and resists for about a week
To fully enjoy the slide
R03 is especially effective for long-distance surfer
or you have to take off your shoes with this product no problem You do not push it
Nano particles of R03 proves very effective
The suction effect in case of sticky snow is radically removed

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More info request Patrick Bourquin Tel  0033662496727 0662496727 mail

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  Bottle of 30 mg with spray for the
treatment of 3 surfs and 3 pairs of ski 9.90 €

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Satisfied or refunded

Skiing or surfing
The friction between the snow and the surface of the skis by appealing to different fields such as mechanics, physics, chemistry and physico-chemistry.
But the problem is different for each sport. In skiing, the search for speed involves on the one hand reducing the friction between the ski and the snow
 by optimizing the choice of material and waxing the R03 quality outsole
You have certainly noticed that there is no longer a ski with a central groove as it used to be.
This is because this large central groove has been replaced by micro-grooves distributed over the entire sole of the ski.
Contrary to what one might think, a ski does not slip on the snow but on a thin film of water.
When the sole moves forward on the snow, pressure and friction produce a warm up that melts the snow.
This film of water of a few microns has an optimal thickness that will find the ski preparer.
If it is too weak, the snow crystals stick the ski to the ground, which often happens at the beginning of descent on a very cold snow.
We are talking about icing.
If it is too thick, here too the skis are glued to the ground by suction effect. This is a situation that often happens in spring when the snow is wet.
This is when the thin film of R03 is effective and prevents the suction effect.
Several parameters will make it possible to reach this optimum thickness. We must see that a very high level rider has
in his possession twenty pairs of ski races. Its preparer can therefore adapt the sole according to the
temperature and hygrometry of the snow. Cross-country skiers create the structure themselves on their skis.
As far as we are concerned, it is by working waxing and brushing that we will improve the glide. Farter consists of filling
 of the sponge that constitutes the sole, that has several effects:
-The R03 creates a micro layer that a micron on the sole of the skis or surf which increases the cold glide and surout with the sticky snow
Indeed on a wet snow we brush the wax with a nylon or bronze brush that will bring out deeply the
micro-grooves of the ski. These will allow to evacuate the water like the grooves of a tire. While on a cold snow we will use
a horsehair brush so as not to open the grooves of the ski too much.
The micro layer R03 does not need a groove because it allows the surf or ski to create an aquaplaning effect that effectively improves the glide

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